Monday, July 13, 2015

9:55 PM

The concept of buying Facebook likes and YouTube views

Ever since Facebook and YouTube came into being, people have been excited about “Likes” and “Views”. Craze for likes and views have become such that people are now paying for them. What started as just an entertainment has now become a means of earning money. But, the main catch is, why companies are so interested in investing money in just likes and views. As such, there are no hard and fast rule that if your company has many likes than another company, your company would have more earnings than the latter company. The main thing is being recognized. If you visit the Facebook page of Nike, you will find it has millions of likes. But, if you visit the Facebook page of some other brand that is not as popular as Nike, you will find lesser number of likes on that page. This means that Nike is widely recognized by people than that other company which is a competitor of Nike in real life. Same is the case with YouTube. Since YouTube is a platform for videos, people need to view the videos and that would give an understanding about the popularity.

Power of “views” and “likes”

Overall, if it is seen from a company’s point of view, Facebook and YouTube is not just a medium to socialize and watch videos. They are a medium to promote the product or service your company is selling. For Facebook, if you want to promote or put an ad of a product of your company, you need to pay a certain amount of money. Similarly, YouTube also follow the same concept. Now, the question is, why will your company buy Facebook likes or buy YouTube views. Facebook has it that once a company reaches a certain level of likes for their page; they would have to pay a much lesser amount for their ad than before. Suppose, you pay Rs 1000 for an advert on Facebook or YouTube. On reading the terms and conditions in these websites, you see that if your company acquires 10, 000 likes or views, then you will have to pay merely Rs 100 for the same advert. You get in touch with a company where you can buy these likes and views. Their charge is Rs 200. So, ultimately, you save Rs 700 for the same thing. Strange, isn’t it?

Better be safe

There are many online companies that are supposedly involved in providing likes and views to different companies who are looking to promote their brand. But, you need to be very careful with these companies. There can be fake companies who would take your money and not provide the service as required. So, it is always wise to go for companies that are registered and reputed.

The best option

If you are looking to create a brand name for your company, then one of the best ways to do so is by buy Facebook likes and YouTube views. It would be a very effective way to reach your target customers and also save a lot of money for advertising.