Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4:01 AM

Twitter brand page are more common in audience. Advertisers with more than $25,000 in active orders are now entitled for the heightened profiles. An e-mail from a Twitter ad exec received by Ad Age lists the publish date as Wednesday, February 1.

In December, Twitter released their brand page program alongside their new user interface. Simultaneously, they were offering the heightened company profiles to a choice group of 21 of their top advertisers, bruited to have expend more than $2 million per year each on Twitter advertising containing Promoted Tweets, Accounts, and Trends.

We had an opportunity to speak with a few of those advertisers a few weeks ago. Bing and Coca-Cola both shared their experiences with Twitter’s brand pages and tips for the imminent generation of advertisers offered the heightened profiles.

Bing Twitter Brand Profile

Simultaneously, we also seemed at an eye tracking study by Simple Usability, which offered few valuable insight into which page elements were likely to draw and hold user heed - and which didn’t work quite as well, given the unclickable nature of brand page banner pictures. If you want to achieve more targeted customers or clients than have to get Instant Twitter Followers for your Twitter account to make a huge impact in advertising.

However, Twitter hasn’t issued a list of new advertisers; expect this rollout to be significant. Actually, $25,000 is a pretty low verge, given Twitter’s advertising rates. Last summer, director of revenue Adam Bain shared a few key figures with ClickZ: on other hand Promoted Accounts and Tweets are auction-based; Promoted Trends were going for $120,000 per day at the time.

Twitter Brand Page ( Coca-Cola