Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10:05 AM

Customers' Identifying Information

Educating your customers on the steps that they can take to protect their identities is critical. Approximately 10 million individuals are victims of identity theft each year and a good deal of cases can be avoided by keeping a few simple tips in mind. Customers should never write their PIN on the back of their card or keep it on a piece of paper in their wallet. Doing so invites a thief to access accounts and steal money. It is important that customers store personal information in a safe and hidden place and take steps to increase security settings on computers and other electronic devices.
Protect Your Customers' Identifying Information

Companies can also do their part to safeguard customer information by employing identity verification systems that do not expose valuable data or identifying details. Protecting hardware and limiting access to account information also goes a long way toward adding security for your customers. Read the info graphic below for more tips on how to protect against identity theft and fraud.

Created by Britni Zandbergen, Senior Director of Marketing at Idology.  Britni has years of experience in identity management as well as dynamic SaaS solutions.