Guest Post Guidelines for the Tip Tech News

Good versus Bad Guest Blog Host

Post Length: Should be around 450+ words.

Linking Rules: You are allowed to place 1 in-text link and 1 link within the bio that point back to your own site. Any outbound links should link to sources that back up your post’s statements and claims with reputable posts and articles.

Unique Content: The post you submit must be unique to Tip Tech News; it cannot have been published previously and may not be published anywhere else.

Format: Please submit your article in .doc or .docx format. Please no .txt files or html.

  1. Article should be actionable. Simply relaying news or information is not sufficient; you must include clear action items or takeaways for the reader.
  2. Article should not be promotional – it should provide both sides of any issue and both the benefits and downsides of any technology or business practice that it discusses. No direct sales pitches.
  3. It should be easily scanned (bulleted lists, subheadings, etc.). No large blocks of text.
  4. It should be relevant to our audience: entrepreneurs, small business owners with 25 or fewer employees.
  5. Provide an image that supports your post with proper accreditation.
  6. Provide an author headshot and a 2-3 sentence bio, including Twitter handle. 
  7. All Commercial Links are Paid now
Post Quality: Your post should be of high writing quality. You can use the instructions here to learn how to access the readability tools in Microsoft Word, which can give you an idea as to the quality of your content.

Please visit our blog before writing so that you get an idea of the style, voice, and quality that we prefer. Also be sure to search for keywords related to your post so that you don’t write a post similar to what has been published.

After you submit the post fully aligned with the above criteria, I will look over the article, edit and add a few “Tip Tech News” touches. Depending on completion, revisions, editing and approval, I run approved articles within 24 hours to 48 hours of receipt.

Please wait to hear from me with publishing details. Multiple inquiries into post status will result in “no-publication” status.