Monday, January 30, 2012

3:31 AM

Yahoo Bing SEM

After a year’s wait, Microsoft adCenter will begin to power the PPC outcomes on Yahoo Uniited Kingdom in Q2 of 2012. Discourse of its potential for success aside, here are few useful links and an action plan for preparing UK campaigns.

Recap on UK Search Engine Market Shares

Bing/Yahoo confronts a major fight for market share in the United Kingdom – more than in the US. Google grips a dominant 91% of searches (Hitwise, 4 weeks to Jan 21st), with Yahoo and Bing at 2.28 percent and 3.83 percent severally; less than the 4.80 percent of United Kingdom searches that take place on There are more market share resources in this post.

Unsurprisingly, UK Pay Per Click campaigns on Yahoo and Bing receive less enjoy than AdWords, although their mixed research states their audiences are 41 percent more likely to convert than the “average” UK searcher.

Step 1: Shorten Your Yahoo Ads by February 1

Yahoo’s Panama system switched to ad lengths like to Google few time ago – but they are more farseeing than those on adCenter. Every new or altered ads on Panama are required to have an ad title of 25 characters (rather than 40) or less, and a show URL of a maximum 35 characters on February 1; set for moving across to adCenter.

Existing ads that meet these needed will migrate over to adCenter but will be truncated and paused – so I’d suggest editing all your ads sooner rather than subsequently.

Step 2: Map Your Accounts

You might have A/C's that reside on Panama which are not on advertising Center – consider about it for a second to equate and see which should be migrated across first, or what's already in spot. Yahoo or MSN rep can also help you to go on with this process.

Best exercise is to keep your adCenter a/c and construct it out – not replace it by conveyance over a bigger Yahoo account; the systems are different.

Step 3: Know the Differences B/W Panama and adCenter

The two systems work differently. This webinar explicates how on the Search Alliance website – look out from 10:30 minutes onwards. There’s also a comparison guide and Video training

Step 4: Allocate Time to Adjust, Expand Campaigns

After reexamining the above steps, there are various areas of your campaigns you will require to work on, containing:
  • Editing copy and display URLs
  • Expanding keywords
  • Reexamining negatives and the levels they are applied at
  • Adjusting match types
  • Adjusting geo-targeting
  • Reexamining dynamic insertion parameters
Consider outgoing time on campaigns already live on adCenter, too, as there may be keyword variance searched for on Yahoo than never had searches on Bing, and aren’t presently in your adCenter account.

There might be a chance here to better targeting – adCenter has more gritty targeting options than Panama down to city or metro areas, as well as region and country levels.

Step 5: Adjust Your Bid, Budget Strategy

AdCenter has higher lower limit bids - £0.05 compared to £0.01 – and needs you to set a monthly budget; you will need to integrate this change into your workflow going onward.

Step 6: Review Your Landing Pages

This is always best exercise – reexamine your pages against the keywords driving traffic to them: are the keywords in the page, and is the content relevant? This is factored into positions.

Step 7: Manage Expectations

Few U.S. accounts saw gains in performance post-transition; others saw the opposite. So communicate that there is a vary arriving and the waters may be jerky; not just because of the migration of accounts, but because of consumers seeing different ads and performance varying.