Monday, August 8, 2011

6:03 AM

Just matter of time before Google made some tough competition for Facebook. My judgment for Google Plus is that the technicality is more graspy and adopters will follow it, rest the majority of people will continue to Facebook. Although, there is more to be said about an early mover pros till now! And, now Google rules the search engines, this could be good in your mind built up a home on Google Plus.

1. Setup a solid profile.Your whole Google Plus experience starts with your profile. As on facebook, key is your profile, so spend some time on to make it better..

2. Add relevant and remarkable images. My intuition is that Google would index the pictures which you share, unless you kept them private. So for searches use images. The idea is to convey the right brand image.

3. Make sure your profile is OPEN to search. This is path, there is chance that your profile may be indexed frequently. Whwn you click edit your profile, final thing on your profile is “Search Visibility.”

4. Optimize the links to the right of the profile using keywords. Again, a great Seo aspect. What are chances that Google will appreciate these links highly. Although the right keyword to connect on your website.

5. Add videos to your profile. As per SEO perspective, your videos are also indexed into Google’s high search. If you have online videos, just share it, and if you your are missing this boat your will loose one step.