Friday, August 5, 2011

3:42 AM

Google webmaster having a whole dashboard, which is there to show you that how Google is stearring  our website and blog. The main thing is that how you perform your task on Google webmaster dashboard. On the “Dashboard Screen” there are few keywords mentioned, Google keeps on evaluating the environment for each individual keyword. Every keyword has its own ranking and that part of the Google Dashboard shows as to how many “impressions” you are getting for each keyword i.e. how many times your website URL shows up for a specific keyword in Google Search. This  will also help you to identify the search-ability of a keyword. As i mentioned the Google webmaster Dashboard image below:

Google Impression

In the above picture results  are mentioned, with complete impressions being shown and a term “Click through rate” (CTR)  is there too, the term “CTR” stands for “click through rate”. The “Click through rate” is stands for “Is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign”.

Everyone can increase the “Impressions” and “CTR”, A simple equation for doing this is by increasing the indexing of a website as when each page gets indexed and maximum keywords are being targeted for that page then the impressions will automatically increased on your “Google Webmaster” .