Thursday, August 11, 2011

8:26 PM

Google plus Hangouts are providing one of the most favourable features of new social networking service, perhaps there is no option inside to record them.

Up to the time Google adds such purpose, we have find out five work around to help you to record new hangout-free. While we had usually recommend any Google Plus advantage invest in specialist software, our answer will be sufficient for capturing consumers quality time and give them easy sharing offers, too.

Look at the gallery for our tested recommendations---concern from frequent and simple browser-based options to more advanced software downloads --- and let us inform about comments any other substitute ways you have recorded your Hangouts.


A very easy to make use of option, screen shots give the ability to record your entire screen, or by pixel you can change the size of recording box in correct dimentions. An unlited service, ScreenCastle would record from the moment you hit the record unless you’re ready to finish. Then you only have to upload your recording to the website.

There are diiferent sharing options which are open to you--- a direct link to watch the video, an embosed code to put it on your website, and a direct link to FLV file. ScreenCastle auto generates a preview image of your footage --- very good handy indeed.