Thursday, October 27, 2011

10:14 AM

From the time YouTube approved those on-top-of-video ads, there have been complaints.

When Google talks about a rich user experience on all of its products, (which it has successfully implemented) YouTube stands out as an exception.

Most people think that Advertisements showing up as videos are pure distraction more than anything. What in the humor to watch a video, he should not click an Ad a top it, even do not want to expose away from the video page.

Whatever, advertisements next to the video's are acceptable – says another group. Therefore, the preload Advertisements are fine, but ads within your video sucks!

These ads fits there without frustrating the users experience and interested folks do click them.
Ads on top most of videos are an invasion and Google should at least but not least give an option to turn them off.

On the contrary, except using a third party browser propagation (AdBlock Plus), you couldn't ne turned off the ads.

What do you think?