Friday, December 16, 2011

2:09 PM

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Everyone recognize the common names of companies that are performing well in social media. I thought it might be gripping to take a look at some of the little known and why they've had winners, either on an ongoing basis.

what best way to look at them? Naturally, for Search Engine Optimizer aim, I've heard them here as well.
  1. Dell is showed as a champion in the art and science of hearing. 
  2.  Morton's made headlines with its surprise-and-please effort with influencer Peter Shankman recently,    but goes beyond that with useful information on a regular Basis.
  3.  Unisys uses social media internally for effective coaction and a hike to company productivity. 
  4.  KLM is utilizing Twitter and Facebook for real-time customer service and encouraging customers to present thoughts.

Are there other companies that are doing some amazing things with social media that are worth talking about? Drop a feedback in box.

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