Friday, December 16, 2011

2:42 AM

Google has published their Zeitgeist report, complete with the top Ten quickest increasing global inquiries in sports, entertainment, news, and furthermore for Forty-Eight countries. Zeitgeist’s lists permit you to analyze out come of any two queries on each list across wide-ranging sliding time spans on an interactional graph, with hyperlinked icons signal where latest articles are available.

 Universal result present that Rebecca Black was the fastest ascent query in the world and growing more than 10,000 percent in 2011. Google plus and Ryan Dunn were the next quickest rising queries universal.

 Analyze this to last year, when ChatRoulette, iPad, and Justin Bieber peak the international list. The complete Fastest Growing Queries - Global 2011 list is as follows:

  1.  Rebecca Black 
  2.  Google+ 
  3.  Ryan Dunn 
  4.  Casey Anthony 
  5.  Battlefield 3 
  6.  iPhone 5
  7.  Adele 
  8.  TEPCO (Japanese electric utility company) 
  9.  Steve Jobs
  10.  iPad2

Quickest Declining Global Queries:

  1.  MySpace 
  2.  Hi5 
  3.  Mebo (we believe they meant Meebo and not the misspelling) 
  4.  Nasza Klasa (social network) 
  5.  Netlog (social network) 
  6.  Baidu 
  7.  Wer Kennt Wen (social network) 
  8.  Meinvz (social network) 
  9.  Hotmail Correo 
  10.  Delta Airlines
Fastest Rising People Queries in the World:

If you were concerned about the forthcoming of mankind given that Kim Kardashian made top 10 lists by Facebook, Bing,, and AOL, fear not... she’s nowhere to be found. The quickest Growing People Queries - Global were:

  1. Rebecca Black 
  2. Ryan Dunn 
  3. Pippa Middleton 
  4. Casey Anthony 
  5. Adele 
  6. Steve Jobs 
  7. Amy Winehouse
  8. Osama bin Laden 
  9. Charlie Sheen 
  10.  Kate Middleton

Visit Google Zeitgeist 2011 and have a look at this short video Google released, spotlighting the top events
of 2011: