Thursday, December 8, 2011

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This great person’s profile has the publicize minimum of information, and is fundamentally a wasted effort on this guy’s part. So why is it significant to obliging your LinkedIn Profile? Your profile can be an enormous source of SEO friendly links because: - Linkedin has great website authority in Google - Your website links can be given Outlandish anchor text with the dofollow attribute - Your LinkedIn profile can have highly relevant content relative to the websites you own The 3 main things that every linked in profile should have are as follow.

 1- A professional and personal picture of yourself.

 Don’t upload an image of your dog/cat/fish/hamster/car/computer/world of warcraft, or any other beloved items. Be as guileless about who you are as you can. Sites like Twitter and others that don’t have a professional mindset don’t weigh as much, but always have an image of something.

 2- As often information about yourself as you feel comfortable.

 At the very least, you should have a link to your personal or business website or blog. Unluckily, most people don’t link to their own websites or blog, and even those that do, don’t do it correctly. I’ll show you how below. Also, you should write some really good appealing information about your present position, to make sure people know what it is you do, even though you might not be looking for a job, this helps put relevant content on your page.

 3- A unique profile url for yourself.

 This makes it easy for people to connect your profile, or find it again if they forget exactly how they found you. And if you put your name in your profile url, that makes it a little more SEO friendly for searches related to your name.. Here, I show you some steps to creating unique and fresh anchor text links to your own websites and blog on your linkedin profile.

Navigation bar

1- Click on the ‘edit my profile’ link under the ‘Profile’ navigation link on the left sidebar after you have logged in

2- Scroll down to the ‘Websites’ section and click on the ‘edit’ button

3- In the drop down box to the right of ‘Websites:’ select ‘Other’. On that extra box you will add your keywords title and then you can fill in your website URL in the very next box. On that section you will add upto three websites, so linkedin gives you extra pros of this.

  Here’s what mine looks like currently

Rameez Ramzan Seo Guru