Saturday, December 3, 2011

2:37 PM

Link Cloaking:

Reckon you have hundreds of affiliate links on your website. And entire affiliate links are ugly with long urls that if detected by an user would be avoided given a chance. But you yet want people to click via your affiliate links and possibly drive you some sales. In such circumstance the solution is a link cloaker plugin.

 WP Affiliate Link

What is Link Cloaking plugin – What does it do?

Link Cloaking

Assume you have the following ugly affiliate URLs.

And you deprivation them to be something like…

The second links has a better CTR isn’t it?

This is precisely what this plugin does. I helps you manage all your affiliate links from the backend at one single dashboard and create pretty URLs for each affiliate link.

Also, it can assign particular keywords to a link. For precedent if you want all the instance of the keyword “Photo Gallery” on your site link to your affiliate link, this plugin does it easily.

go GRAB it here.