Friday, January 13, 2012

2:52 AM

Google Maps acquires the low-tech Intervention in a fresh ad that Ideate the app as the classic Labyrinth game.

The online video place, the first for Google from San Francisco advertise agency Venables Bell & Partners, utilizes a awkward gyroscopic structure to assist two players navigate a blue ball. The camera traces the ball as it discovers restaurants, checks into a barbershop and then, eventually, goes bowling.

The video was timed to concur with CES and highlights potentialities on Google Maps like indoor maps, the ability to grade restaurants, create custom maps in Mapmaker and see traffic. A very same animated video created by some other agency, B-Reel, is planned to boost a game for Google Maps that’s expected to hit Google Plus Games forthcoming month.

Google seems to have a lenient position for the conception of providing its products in parallel form. Early ads for the firm’s Chrome web browser took a same approach. In the ad below, for example, cardboard webpages are varied utilizing a metal cylinder, activated by the swing of a hammer.