Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2:43 AM


Ready for few more mad YouTube statistics? In the upcoming 60 second, 60 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube; Four billion videos will have been viewed around the worldwide on the world’s most famous video-sharing website.

YouTube declared the latest milestones yesterday in a blog post.

To assist put the numbers in perspective for users, that means:
  • Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • 24 hours of video is uploaded every 24 seconds.
  • 9 months of video is uploaded every two hours.
  • A decade’s worth of video is uploaded every day.
  • Every 10 days, a century of video is uploaded.

To boot, YouTube has declared, a website that humorously sees few things that can be done in changing amounts of time, beginning with 1.5 seconds (or 91 minutes) of uploads to YouTube (“the International Space Station completes one orbit of the Earth”) and finishing with 3.8 million years of uploads to YouTube (“time as we know it starts, attains the current day, and keeps ticking on into the hereafter …”), which is 13.75 giga years of video. (You should also check out Greg Jarboe’s post, “How to Visualize the Ludicrously Huge Numbers Representing Worldwide Online Video Usage.”

YouTube Infographic

The 60 hours per minute stat is a 30 percent growth in the last 08 months, while the daily views stat is a 25 percent growth in the similar time frame. At last check in May, YouTube declared it had exceeded 35 hours of video per minute and 3 billion views per day.

Hours Of Video Uploaded Per Minute

Nevertheless, YouTube came down short of its goal of 72 hours of uploads per minute. But with a major redesign of its home page and the launching of more than 100 new channels, it could occur sometime in 2012.