Monday, February 6, 2012

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Google, Microsoft and Facebook are working unitedly with bank and security vendors to develop a program for blocking scam attacks.

The Domain-based hallmark, Reporting and Conformity group (DMARC) will search to develop a system which can verify the sender of an e-mail message and weed out potential phishing messages.

The group objective to create a reply system where both the sender and recipient can be verified and caricature attempts can be automatically blocked.


The group said its objectives to create a standards-based program that will allow service providers to set policies on their messages which can block unverified e-mails and render reports on how security protections are operating

AOL, Google, PayPal, Yahoo and Facebook are among the firms taking part in the development process. Financial firms such as Bank of America and Fidelity are also working within the group.

DMARC Contributor

Brett McDowell said, Email phishing scam millions of people and firms every year, conclusion in a loss of consumer confidence in e-mail and the internet as a whole, PayPal senior manager of customer protection initiatives and chair of the DMARC project. Industry cooperation, mixed with technology and consumer education, is important to fight phishing.

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Phishing attacks have become progressively sophisticated in late years. Criminals have been developing proficiencies to create more personalized and believable phishing messages and pages.

Additionally,, phishing has disturbed to social networking platforms, where the trust users spot in their contacts can be victimized to gain the effectivity of an attack.

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