Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4:52 AM

Everyone know that the Super Bowl power. Its generate lot of search activity but in the wake of 2012′s Super Bowl XLVI on 06- 02-2012. Google has published an infographic filled with statistics containing a play-by-play of interest by search subject.

The infographic is beneath. Google has rendered the extra and key areas, along with few additional charts outside.

The Week Before

The famous Super Bowl-related searches were:
  • Super Bowl recipe (up 23 times more than normal)
  • Seven layer dip (up 10 times more than normal)
  • Super Bowl bet (up 7 times more)
  • Football party (up 3 times)
  • Hot wings (up 3 times)
Party List

Before The Game

Before the Game begins the users were doing team related searches.

The top Giants searches were, Google says:
  • Eli Manning
  • My Giants
  • Steve Weatherford
Top Giants

The top Patriots searches were: 
  • Tom Brady
  • Gronkowksi injury
  • MHK
Top Patriots

Beneath infographic you see the computer searches before game begin.

Google’s rendered a chart showing searches for “super bowl live stream,” separate from its entirely infographic. You can see the spike occurring just before the game begins:

Computer Searches

During The Game

During the Game Google seemed at “action” associate activity across game time in 4 fields
  • Madonna
  • Super Bowl commercials
  • Joe Montana
  • Hail Mary
During The Game

Interest in Madonna, based on searching activity, raised and raised to spike just before her 30 minutes performance. In contrast, interest in Super Bowl commercials stayed steady mostly during the game.

Google also render a separate chart demonstrating searches by specific sportsman (Tom Brady, Victor Cruz & Eli Manning) during the game:

Super Bowl Top Players Searches

Google also found that searches for Super Bowl commercial-related search terms raised on mobile devices, growing from the common 25% (versus 75% on non-mobile devices) to 41%:

Super Bowl Mobile Search

The Big Infographic

Super Bowl Infographic

If you omitted any of the ads you can watch them here.

If you want your infographic copy, along further information: Super Bowl XLVI: Cell Phone, Manning and Madonna.