Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6:08 AM

All the major search engines are feting Valentine’s Day this year with special logos or images on their home pages. Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle featuring Tony Bennett, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and others are sharing the love.


Ask Homepage Valentines Day 2012

Ask’s homepage posted a pair of swans in love, Yesterday’s question of the day on Ask; how many cards generally sent on Valentine’s Day (spoiler alert: about 160 million).


Baidu Valentines Day 2012

Chinese search engine Baidu feted the “vacation of lovers” by placing a special logo on its homepage yesterday with characters illustrated by Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao.

On Baidu’s mobile search, there is a different image. Amor floats in the middle of Baidu’s logo, with the similar two characters moving in opposite directions. After they move off screen, the couple re-emerges on a pink screen in the middle of a heart made of roses.

Baidu Mobile Search Valentines Day 2012

Baidu also proffer what they call a “Map of Love,” Which permits users to tick special locations on a Bing map. This is slightly similar Google’s Map Your Valentine, proffered last year, which let you map a location on Google Maps, complete with heart-pattern pins, and send it as an e-card.


Bing Valentines Day 2012

Bing background pictures yesterday posted pink Hemorrhage Heart Dicentra heart-shaped plants, maybe to represent the “repeated” love of Valentine’s Day.


Dogpile Valentines Day 2012

Dogpile sign in with a nod to “Lady and the Tramp” and impetuses visitors to “keep one’s distance of the doghouse … by looking for and contrived date for the one you love.”


Sogou Valentine 2012

Baidu wasn’t the alone Chinese search engine mad in love on Valentine's Day.


Yahoo Valentines Day 2012

Yahoo has an animated logo boasting a heart-shaped box of candy, with one special piece colored with Yahoo’s "Y".

One another refreshing Valentine's logo arrives from PPC Hero. Will you be his Valentine?

PPC Hero Valentines Day 2012