Thursday, March 29, 2012

11:33 PM

On August 2011, Google released Multi Channel conversion, now E-commerce websites can be capable to track down and improve up to 3 to 4 layers of referrals anterior to conversion. Instead of getting only the first level of conversion, for instance you also judge the last website which referred you, with many channels funnels, now you easily track the exact path before making the purchase at your online shop.

I am providing you Videos about Multi-channel funnels, including a walk-through:

This time Google provide the Multi Channel Funnels even more detailed so, avail it

Google has replaced the pervious paid advertising channel with three latest channels like
  1. Display 
  2. Paid Search 
  3. Other Advertising
Multi Channel Funnels

Google also added the “Social Networking” channels up to 400 websites referral lists.This changes should help us to get more detail about who “originally” referred us.Google become very smart..