Monday, March 12, 2012

1:27 AM

Page Rank
It is widely debated whether Professional blogger should provide the links for other web pages into our blog or not. blogger’s are generally afraid to practice this policy. They worry that it could take a toll on their Search engine rankings or cost them divided page rank. Above all this they believe that they create the exit hole to drop off the traffic to this web-links and the worst case, it may harm reputation by linking bad links.

In my opinions its these concerns are largely invalid. From the formative years of the internet and web portals the linking was the common practice. This practice usally done on out of respect towards the other blogger’s or post authors.

As far as Page rank is concerned it does generate one’s negative opinion, Based on Theoritical PR algorithm it dictates that
Any link equity spent on external pages is lost opportunity that could have been spent on internal pages.
However I beg to differ to this belief and I even go ahead with strong opinion that this PR algorithm may be flawed. I observed some compelling reasons to suggest that not only that it provide positive effect. it appears that it provide the set of positive correlations such as higher ranking,trust and many more on both at page level and domain level.

Arguing that we will see traffic drop as we creating tht pot hole than look at the evidence on hand that sites and pages who links out are likely to gain more. look at the website to whom we turn million of time everyday to search- Google. They make it part of their corporate objective to get users off the site as quickly as possible, and have benefited from it tremendously. If you want more examples, Take Digg, Reddit, Yelp, Twitter & Delicious as examples who all link off their own sites as part of their core business and still get visitors coming back again and again.

So all those who are with arguments that are inconsistent and irrelevantlet them maim. lets dive down into more positive approach that what it brings to link out the other blogs. Here it is

1. Out links can results more traffic genration.
2. Makes your blog more scalable and resourceful.
3. links out might be incentivize into link in.
4. Linking out provides positive participation and contribution

There are plenty of more good reasons to resonate that these practice of linking out.But these are at top of mind and enough for sake of argument