Monday, April 2, 2012

1:29 AM

How To Get More Attention From Audiences

  1. Don’t Hide Your Great Content 
Everyone knows the importance of content in a website and blog, but some SEO’s don’t really focus on content marketing. I would suggest you that you’re best content right out where everyone can see and read it because if your content is good then there is a better chance the users comment on your content even gives you a business exposure. Rand use the instance of Dollar shave club. When their “our Blades are F***ing Great” Video went viral, they putting their best content at front and center on their own homepage.

    2. Know When Your Audience Is Awake and Listening:

You should know your audience timing. When your potential audience wakeup and in what time your users should read your post and give you feedback on it because time factors are very crucial for working. If you don’t know your users timing then you hardly survives. Rand Fishkin is the CEO and Co-Founder of the web's most popular SEO Software provider; SEOmoz. He’s sharing the website ( which gives you accurate time zone to visualize when is the best time to post fresh content for your key users.


    3. Use Anchor Text Not Just in the Content Itself

Anchor text has many benefits if we put it at right place. Just like FeeFighter’s blog, they put the anchor text in their blog section because when users click on anchor link then they turn back on their homepage.


   4. Come Up with a Linkbait Content Style

Rand gives another instance, now he points to the Economist blog “Graphic Detail.” In this blog they use the charts and graphs to attract the key audiences and he perfectly used material for others to link or embeds.

   5. Use Zemanta to Create Great Outbound Links

In SEO there is only one big fish that is Google. If you want ranking on Google SERP then you gives healthy amount of relevant outbound links to quality websites. WordPress provide us one great tool for outbound links that called Zemanta, Zemanta is a plugin that lives right inside the WordPres post create section. When you post you content then zemanta auto suggests pictures and text links that are relevant, and lets you include them to your content with just one click.


   6. Create Unique Visualizations

Now, I used twitter stories as his example, but I’m to point you to Twylah. Twylah supervise your most engaged with tweets and turns them into appealing, branded and SEO friendly webpage, one more thing is great for this tool is, you can actually host your Twylah page right on your own domain .Which is great for us. This tool is very similar to others tool.

   7. Partner with Other Content Producers

In 2012, everyone wants to join Big name just like rand partnership with Slate and Quora, We also do.

slate and quora

   8. Target Already-Powerful Websites

In my view, there are only two influence websites over internet “Facebook and Twitter.” If we want more exposure then we need to join these websites as quickly as possible.


   9. Create “Pridebait” Polls and Top Lists

There are top 50 social media power influencers over internet linking to them and start conversion but most important things is first you judge which niche target you are then you follow them and If you make them as a friend then you easily get your desired results hopefully.

50 social media power influencers

50 social media power influencer