Thursday, April 5, 2012

10:42 PM

2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report 

SEO is the process to meliorate website in search engines but users forget to use social media campaign, social media marketers are much more probable to also use SEO in their advertising efforts than PPC, according to a latest survey today.

Reputed websites announced the outcomes of its fourth annual survey, which this year had responds from more than 3,800 social media marketers around the globe.

As you see in this image there are various methods that are being used but search engine optimization – SEO was the No.2 response rear e-mail marketing, Paid Search or “Online Ads: as the survey called it – was far down the list at number six. When we asked social media marketers?? What method they use? Sixty-Five of social media marketers say they use SEO, compared to only thirty-Eight percent said they use paid search advertising.

But when we see B2B business, In B2B social marketers were somewhat more probably to do SEO (Sixty-Seven Percent) than their B2C counterparts (Sixty-Two Percent)

Going forward, Sixty-Eight percent of answerers said they are projecting to heighten their SEO efforts – a number that’s down a bit from 71 percent in 2011. In 2012, only nine percent said they have no plans to use SEO.

Social Media Marketers say that they are planning to enhance their use of PPC advertising. Only Forty-Three Percent were agree on this, according to new surveyed.

As we know Facebook was the No.1 social networking website with Ninety-Two percent adoption. Google Plus was on No. Sixth, but most answerers say they are planning to utilize Google+ more in the future.