Thursday, May 17, 2012

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These days content is regarded as the King of this dynamic virtual world, however, SEO strategies serves more like the backbone of the Virtual King! So, without applying right search engine optimization technique, you won’t be able to get anywhere. These days, having a website or a blog is as easy as having a cup of tea; therefore, anyone can be the owner of a blog or website. If you do not want to pay premiums for the website, domain or hosting you may go for the free services that allow you to open a website free of cost. Now, if you want to own a domain name, you can buy that in as low as $20! Web services are very affordable and cheap these days, but with this we have also witnessed an increase in the competition among website owners.

Are You Getting What You Hope for? All the tasks related to website development are easy to execute, so the website owners expect a high income. The reality is contradictory and it becomes difficult to make noticeable profit in this competitive virtual scenario. In order to earn rightfully from your website or blog, you need to apply the correct SEO techniques.

Basics of SEO! This article provides you with the basic information about Search Engine Optimization techniques that may come handy in improving your blog business. By search engine optimization, we mean that you optimize the web-pages in a way that search engines may find your web-pages easily. The more optimized web-page you have, the higher will be your chances of attracting visitors to your website. Following are few most important and basic level SEO techniques that you must employ:

SEO Optimized Page Title: Title of a page carries great significance and you need to add in the main keyword in the title. You may have a different keyword for the title of various pages; however, all the keywords ought to be linked to the niche you are focusing on. The page title must not exceed 80 words. Also, the shorter your page title, the higher would be significance of every word.

Significance of Meta-tags and keywords: Meta-tags used to hold great importance for search engines and had high SEO influence. However, due abusive use of this SEO technique, the search engines marked it as spam, even after all this, meta-tags still holds enough significance. Some search engines estimate the page relevance to a search via the meta-tags while there are other search engines that use this description as an introductory search result.

Post Text Body: After you have worked on developing a strong title for your web-page, you must start work on the text body because it also carries immense importance. In the text body, you need to maintain the SEO quality for the search engines, without compromising on the overall worth of the content for your readers. So, there is a fine line between a good content and a bad one.

Other SEO Quick Picks: There are countless SEO Strategies and this article is insufficient to cover them all. In addition to the above mentioned strategies, you must also be regular in posting, work on link building etc. One rule of the thumb is to stay consistent and patient!

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