Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4:45 AM

The end of frustrations

It at times gets very frustrating working with Facebook given the ever changing policies and terms of use. Facebook seems to have realized this and launched a new site meant to help user easily navigate the mass jungle that the Facebook’s terms and policies has become in the recent past.

This new information hub will have all that the user needs to know, and it is all placed together, http://www.facebook.com/policies according to their official sources. Specifically for private users, this promise seems to be holding some water and doing plenty in helping users wade through this sea of terms and policies.

Concern for the dear users

Since the private users of this big social network are the main base of the company, their needs just had to be taken care of in time. The newly launched hub contains Statements of Rights and Responsibilities, Data Use Policy and Community Standards as the main categories in the site with advertisers’ and companies’ interests found to the right of the site. The hub is easily accessible by a simple click on the Terms link placed at the lower end any Facebook page.

Increased transparency by Facebook

In order to make the best in terms of transparency, Facebook will hold a Q&A session concerning the changes on the 14th of May2012 at 12PM EST via live chat. Even though the Data Use Policy of Facebook is written in simple vernacular, the content is still a lot for anybody given the 7,000 words. As a way to always inform the users of changes, Facebook released this great tool called PrivacyWatch, it alerts the user any time the policies are altered. This will be so helpful since Facebook never informs users whenever they change the terms.

After listening to complaints and user feedbacks, Facebook has finally responded boldly with the launch of the hub that puts everything in one place. They have added more examples and detailed explanations so as to help users better understand the policies. There are additional tips with a light bulb making them easy to find and additional links to the Help Center so as to serve users better. A section on how Facebook uses cookies and analogous technologies has also been created. Information on how they use data for advertising, and promoting safety and security for users has also been availed in easy to understand language. Good understandings of all these examples will help users well understand the practical meaning of Data Use Policy.

Several new features have since been launched since the last update to the Data Use Policy, Facebook is also updating their policy so as to include information on how they work so as to increase transparency. An example is Activity Log, this is a privacy tool designed to allow the user see all the information that they have posted to Facebook in one place. From this tool one can control who can see the specific information and whether it should appear on the user’s timeline.

This launch of the hub is a very great thing Facebook has done to its users. The confusion that has reigned for so long will now be no more. Users will also be able to get alerted on any alteration of the Terms and Policies when they occur.

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