Monday, May 7, 2012

4:53 AM

If you think you are unfairly hit by Panda then fill out this form

Google’s Matt Cutts has tweeted the information about webmasters from now Google has a form webmasters can fill out if they have been fallaciously hit by Google’s Penguin update (also known as the Webspam Update).

Google's Matt Cutt

I am attaching here the image and the link that looks like this.

Penguin Feedback Form
It’s is good news for users that first time Google is giving users a form, but this time for complaint Panda, Google was attempting to have them all directed to a particular thread in its webmaster forums, via the thread finally got broken up.

When you look on the form, you will observe that Google tells you to go to a different page to submit a spam report, and to use a new algorithm word “Pengiun”.

Daniel Deceuster And Matt Cutts
ScottJConlon And Matt Cutts

Remember it, when doing your reporting on both side of the equation that the Penguin update is specifically purpose at sites that are violating Google’s quality guidelines.