Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10:23 PM

Google Country TLD

When you see the Google WebSearch help forums, there are dozens of complaints you found. Who are based outside of the US are being pushed to use their country specific TLDs.

One person said the solution is to switch your browser to Chrome and then it might start working.

Friend Said:
Yesterday morning I had small health issue and was trying to find EN information about it from google.com and google was redirecting me to my local country google page which is awful user experience I was clicking google.com link at the bottom of the page, removed my cookies still not able to access google.com, not able to find any information which I was looking for.
 I'm using google more than 10 years and what I can say that all this igoogle, +1, redirects to local google version is total waist of user time, you should make everything simple and fast.
For Instances, users in Pakistan are pushed to go to Google.com.pk, although they want to use Google.com. Same with users in the UK, they are pushed to use Google.co.uk, although they want to use Google.com.

On 15-june-2012, I also personally experienced this issue at office but I honestly thought that is the behavior, I just didn’t know better, since 100% of my searching is based in the US.

Is this a fault or is Google varying how they treat this behavior?

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