Friday, June 8, 2012

12:17 AM

Matt Cutt`s On Penalties Vs. Algorithm Changes, Denial Of This Link Tool 

Matt Cutt About Ignore Links

In SMX Advanced presentation, Matt Cutt gave a Keynote “You and A” and mentioned that Google is thinking offering a tool that would let webmaster deny some links.

As we know about Matt McGee. He is the executive news editor of Search Engine Land. He asks some question about ranking in Google. Google sure has devoted to transparency, as the video shown proves.

In this presentation Matt Cutt said some quotes, which was in reply to a question about negative SEO:
The story of this year has been more crystal clear, but we’re also trying to be better about implementing our quality guidelines. People have asked questions about negative SEO for a prolonged period. Our guidelines used to say it’s almost impossible to do that, but there have been cases where that’s occurred, so we altered the phrasing on that part of our guidelines.
Some have proposed that Google could deny links. Even though we put in a lot of protection against negative SEO, there’s been so much talk about that that we’re talking about being able to enable that, possibly in a month or two or three.

There are plenty websites who wrote about Google’s wording change regarding negative SEO, which looked to be an admission from the company that this practice is verily possible. These words from Cutts look to be more confirmation.

When Google launches this tool, presuming that it really does, it will be very interesting to look how the rankings move out. It should be an indication of just how significant links actually are these days.

As you may know, Google has sent 700,000 warnings to webmaster owner this year, and such a tool would assist users take quick “manual action” on links rather than spend lots of time to sending link removal requests to other sites.

According to Cutts, still, not many of the warnings were actually about links.

Update: Here’s his clarification:

Matt Cutt Clarification on Google+