Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7:02 AM

Viral Pinning

 Of course, you all must’ve known about the ranging digital scrapbook named Pinterest by now. Sharing pictures, videos, photos…who doesn’t like that? If I may use the jargon of the site, you “pin” stuff on your board that you find interesting, which is shared with your followers. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Building network and brand through Pinterest can reap you great results and enhance your site’s visibility immensely if you do it right. To make sure nothing goes wrong there, here are a few ways all successful SEO reseller companies are using to increase the “pinning” addiction of their website and make it spread like a wildfire:

1. Use Hashtags And Particular Keywords – Like Twitter, Pinterest too has hashtags that lets you reach out to other users. It makes the blogs and descriptions search friendly but don’t overuse them. They should look natural and not like spam. In addition to the Hashtags, use particular Keywords when you are searching for a pin. When you get the keywords, use them in your descriptions of Pins.

This will work like a Search Engine that will let your find some subject easily.

2. Look For Other Popular Pins From Different Websites – Look for other popular pins for different websites to know what the current pin trends are. Use “[Site URL here]/ “ to keep track of the popular pins and to know the latest buzz. This will also help you to become familiar with the interest of the Pin user and you can then, post related blogs to generate more traffic to your pin.

3. Use Bookmarklet – Pinterest has an application called Bookmarklet using which, users can pin any photo on their profile. They can acquire it anywhere from the Web. This application simplifies the process by cutting out the hassle of browsing through pages for pinning. Also check and pin it to the browser bar of your profile. This will quicken your pinning time. In fact, when you find something interesting on the web, all you have to do is click on the bookmarklet to pin it to your wall.

4. Tag Friends – This option is available in almost all social networking sites and Pinterest is not different from them. Unless you tell your friends about your pins, they will not know. Tag them so that they can see your pins and repin it.

This site is much like other networking sites and a lot of fun. The extra feature is the bookmarklet and the hashtags that you can find in one place. If you are trying make your Pinterest profile more interesting, consider these points and continue Pinning!