Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5:40 AM

Have Lots Of Nofollows Linking To You? It Won't Injure You

Have you ever felt awful plenty of sites linking to you with the nofollow tag added to the link? Are you concerned Google uses that as a signal to not rely your site? John Mueller said don’t be concern, it won’t injure you.

John Mueller of Google said having a lot of links with nofollows pointing to you won't have a meiotic impact on your website.

John wrote:
Having links (even a large number of them) with rel=nofollow pointing to your site does not negatively affect your site. We take these links out of our PageRank calculations, and out of our algorithms when they use links.

It plainly won't help you therefore, but it shouldn't hurt.

When I heard this new then I am start wondering that if my website links pointing to nofollowed tags, I'd think that would raise an alert alarm. Of course, assuming I had a significant number of links.