Wednesday, August 29, 2012

11:11 AM

Webmasters Suspect A Crucial Google Algorithm Update Just Occurred

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I am watching few crucial sign of a Google update in the WebmasterWorld forums. There is a big increase in SEOs and webmasters uttering about varying in the search positions for their keywords.
Few are mentioning vast drops in referrers and rankings from Google, while others are saying they saw a 20% increase in traffic from Google as of yesterday. .
The first original post on this came in about 24 hours ago from a webmaster who said: .
“20% google traffic improvement as of yesterday… Only about 500% left to go to get back to normal… But like the direction!”
 “I noticed a massive drop in long tail yesterday. Our site only went live in June, and there have been no indications of Panda/Penguin.”
Small drop today for keywords with 'firm' in the combination.
Vast drop (a lot going outside the top 100) for keywords with 'firms' in the combination.

 We just had a Panda update so I incertitude it is Panda related. I know we are waiting on a Penguin update. But this can be an update to Penguin, Panda or another algorithm. It can be manual penalties, it can be a bug, and it can be aught. .