Saturday, August 18, 2012

3:14 PM

On 16th August 2012 A Google Ranking Change?

16-August-2012 Google Ranking

There are lots of signals in the Google webmaster forums that indicate that there was a possible substantial Google ranking shamble on 17 Aug 2012 morning and during yesterday. I doubt as webmaster wake up and see at their analytics it will help affirm or refuse this.

There is some yack going on at WebmasterWorld thread and then dozens and dozens of complaints in the Webmaster Help forums.

Now, this might be Google testing a fresh algorithm, or testing an update to an algorithm. Or it might be a heap number of individual sites received manual punishments. It can also be a bug with Google or even nothing at all. Time will tell.
Barry Schwartz see the Mozcast report for Thursday update later today. SERP Metrics doesn't indicate any major shifts from the norm.

Did you observe major ranking varies yesterday in to today?