Thursday, August 23, 2012

9:55 AM

Google Penguin Update: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Google Penguin

This time Google penguin update is about links and it's a link based algorithm and lots of SEO believe Google Penguin update.

Google has never amply confirmed it is a primarily link based algorithm but perhaps that has changed?

Matt Cutt answered to a question on Twitter saying:

Google Link Penguin Update

The tough part here is that Matt Cutt was not beign specific in this reply. Yes, he was Replying to the question that read:

Matt, can you please tell us exactly what to fix now then so we are not caught off guard? Don't give us the secret sauce, just be transparent and say "watch your linking text" or "check your HTML for inadvertent alt attributes with keywords in them" or "delete all your old links on "put-it-there-yourself" pages (or nofollow them)" or whatever this new penguin eats :-) That would be awesome transparency that does not give anything new away, just focuses our efforts. Thanks!

But is that reply a general answer or a penguin specific reply?

Only Matt Cutt knows for sure, but I believed I point it out.

Barry Schwartz did ask Matt what he was relating to specifically but he did not yet receive a reply