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Google Page Rank

If you are reading this article, you must know the search engine Google launched in September 1990 and is today’s largest and most popular search engine on the internet. The quality of Google’s Page rank technology depends on the factors such as:

  • Relevancy of your site in terms of a searched word
  • Freshness of your site content
  • How frequently a keyword is used in your site
  • Popularity and quality of your site link 
Boosting a Google Page rank is not a one day process, it’s a long term process for which you can hire a digital media agency who are experts in SEO (search engine optimisation) and SMO (social media optimisation) techniques which are effective ways to boost your Google Page rank. You can achieve a good Google Page rank by following these effective techniques.

Here are some tips and tricks for achieving a good Google Page rank:

Get incoming links:

The best and most convenient method to boost your Google Page rank is to have a number of incoming links from relevant highly ranked sites, this is slow process which may take time to make a difference but it will make a big difference over time. The main strategy here is to create incoming links to your site from high quality, authoritative sites and blogs that have good traffic which are related to your site category.

Make use of SEO techniques:

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in boosting your Google Page rank. Some of the basic SEO techniques are:

  1. Find out the popularity of keywords to get the traffic with the help of keyword searches
  2. Choose relevant and appropriate keywords for the content on your site
  3. Make use of keyword phrases that are 2 or 3 words in length as most of the keyword searches are 2 or 3 words
  4. Insert your keyword phrase in the title of your blog post
  5. Make use of keyword phrases in your subtitle and headings to increase the frequency of the keyword

Publish original content:

Never copy content from another site to your site, as Google’s algorithm can’t tell the difference. So as a result either the original site will reap the benefits or the your copied one will be downgraded or all the sites will be downgraded and once your site page rank is downgraded, it’s really difficult to get it back again.

Generate quality links:

Many website owners, knowing that incoming links helps to boost their Google Page rank, have begun commenting anywhere over the internet and do random link exchanges with anyone they can. However, Google wants only quality links not quantity.

Write quality content:

If the content is of good quality many different people will link to your site. Catch everyone eye by leaving good comments, guest posting, taking part in forums, emailing directly and so on.

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