Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2:59 AM

Bing Logo
Bing announced another new feature for Bing users and now we called Bing Ads (formerly adCenter). In this new feature there is a tool about keyword suggestions, now we easily choose keywords from Bing ads. Advertisers can now implement suggested keywords customized, based on advertises and keywords they are already using.

On the Bing Advertises chances page, we now render you with accurate match keyword suggestions that we ponder are applicable to your campaign and will assistance your ads serve more frequently,” says Microsoft’s Manu Aery. “The suggestions are depended on the keywords and ads you’re already using in each ad group.

Bing New Keyword Opportunity

 Bing renders a forecast of how many monthly searches you could attain by using the recommended keyword, a suggested first page bid, a recommended ad group and campaign, an “easy” accept option to employ the suggested keyword, and an option to add unique destination URLs and parameters.

If you want to access this newly feature, go to the Opportunities tab, and then the Keyword Suggestions tab.

Microsoft mentions that API users will call the Get Keyword Opportunities API to get the list of keyword suggestions that are applicable to the specified ad group.