Thursday, September 27, 2012

4:54 AM

Submit duplicate Google request

It is not rare for those who feel they were shot by a Google Panda or Penguin penalty to submit more than
one Google reconsideration request. Can anyone tell me that does it hurt you to submit several requests? Does it slack things down? Do Googler’s get anger?

Eric Enge took the interviewed Tiffany Oberoi (on 27 july 20122) of Google and One of her recommendations was that you don’t submit several reconsideration requests. She said,
I don’t recommend sending multiple reconsideration requests in a very short period of time or submitting reconsideration requests for tons of sites all at once rather than one site at a time."She said it can be taken as a sign of bad faith.
Tiffany Oberoi is also a part of search quality meetings (at least some).

John Mueller said in a Google Webmaster Help thread:

In general, if you submit a new reconsideration request before a previous one has been processed (sometimes - depending on the issues involved and on the size of the queue - it can take up to a few weeks or more to be processed), then those additional reconsideration requests may be looked at by the web-spam team, but they're generally seen as duplicates and not responded to. Because of that, it's usually best to wait for a response before submitting something new (and even better, to wait until you have something very substantial that was improved before submitting the first reconsideration request).

If you want that Google reply your request then don’t submit duplicate requests but if you do, usually a Googler will just remember them as fake request and not bother responding to the duplicates. It  doesn't mean that Google totally ignore you but sometime they may be looked at separately by a Google web spam team member and may lead to a slowdown in your request - I presume.