Friday, September 21, 2012

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Blog Post Comments

Many bloggers write frequently, but there is always a big zero, when we look at the number of comments. The followers and the say of your readers are important, but, how to get more comments on your own blog? There are several easy techniques, which can encourage the readers to leave a comment and to actively participate in the discussion.

Tips for More Comments

1- Legislate

Establish certain rules and guidelines for comments and you’ll see that high-quality and guaranteed real commentators will have their say. For example, you can set a rule that readers cannot use keywords as commenter name.

2- Well-Designed Comment Section

The design must distinguish comments from the text flow of the post. The design should clearly show when the comment was given and by whom. The comment form must be both attractive and clearly designed.

3- Do you Encourage your Readers to Comment?

A comment section must be a well-design. A smart way is to add a small paragraph or line inviting your readers to write something about this product and contribute to the discussion.

4- Do you Ask Something?

At the end of your post, you should ask a question to stimulate conversations. The specific issue can also be included in the headline. You may ask your readers for input anywhere, but the important thing is that you must give them an urge to respond right after reading the content.

5- Be a Commenter Yourself

Other bloggers comment more on your blog if they see that you give your insights on others’ contents. The owner of the blog, where you make your comment, will like to participate in discussions on your contents.

6- Reward your Commenter

Mostly, the major commenters know the topic of your blog and these are the people who mostly run a blog. So, you can reward readers by mentioning their name in any of your next post by quoting or linking to the relevant content of their blog.

7- Do you Allow Option to Subscribe?

To answer other comments, the commenter must get notification, if they are replied. It will act as an RSS feed for comments. In this way, you will get more comments by a better user experience, and the numbers of comments by the others’ answers will go high.

8- Do you Timely Respond to the Commenters?

This tip must come very before, because it is the most important. It can only be applied if there are already comments by others, what you can attain through the guidelines given above. If, several questions are asked in the comments, but you can not answer them or do not even try to do that, then commenter will stop commenting more.

What do you Know?

Do you have any special tips or instructions on how to get your products’ guaranteed discussion?

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