Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2:25 PM

Instagram almost spend two years in pictures sharing industry, the site proceeds to explode in popularity, having close to 100 million users. It has 33 of the brands doing it effectively by producing great content and engaging with their followers. Here are some of the companies using it best.

Instagram Brands:

 Brand Name: Red Bull 
Followers: 357,000 
Everyone aware about Redbull, it is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. When we talk about RedBull market share, RedBull is the most famous energy drink in the worldwide, with 4.5 billion cans sold each year.
Instagram RedBull

Brand Name: Audi
Followers: 120,000
With a combination of feature and modern shots of cars, Audi’s sleek images bring across the concept that the automobile brand is one of luxury and style.
Instagram Audi

Brand Name: Starbucks
Followers:  801,000
Starbucks Coffee Company has been devoted to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality arabica coffee in the globe.
Instagram Starbucks
Brand Name: ASOS
Followers: 208,000
ASOS is the UK's biggest online only fashion and beauty store from over 40000 styles, including dresses, jeans, shoes and accessories. It is also use several of user-generated content to help show off its wares.

Instagram ASOS

Brand Name: NPR
Followers: 211,000
NPR is the first news organization who joined instagram, NPR presents how suited the medium is to news reporting by placing iconic photos from around the globe.
Brand Name: MTV
Followers: 865,000
With regular photos of celebrities, MTV appeals to its target audience by throwing in updates about whomever it is featuring on the network to keep things fresh.
Instagram MTV

Brand Name: Forever21
Followers: 354,000
Instagram Forever21

Brand Name: Topshop
Followers: 205,000
Instagram Topshop

Brand Name: CNN iReport
Followers: 219,000
Instagram CNN

Brand Name: General Electric
Followers: 123,000
Instagram General Electric

Brand Name: The Boston Celtics
Followers: 258,000
Instagram The Boston Celtics

Brand Name: Burberry
Followers: 508,000
Instagram Burberry

Brand Name: Playboy
Followers: 138,000
Instagram Playboy

Brand Name: The Onion
Followers: 118,000
Instagram The Onion

Brand Name: Puma
Instagram Puma
Brand Name: Sharpie
Followers: 30,000
Instagram Sharpie
Brand Name:American Express
Followers: 24,000
Instagram American Express
Brand Name: W Hotels
Followers: 3,146
Instagram W Hotels

Brand Name: ESPN
Followers: 16,000
Instagram ESPN
Brand Name: Innocent Smoothies
Followers: 4,752
Instagram Innocent Smoothies
Brand Name: The Boston Bruins
Followers: 34,000
Instagram The Boston Bruins
Brand Name: Billboard
Followers: 302,000
Instagram Billboard

Brand Name: Air Asia
Followers: 21,000
Instagram Air Asia

Brand Name: Mashable
Followers: 46,000
Instagram Mashable

Brand Name: Adidas Originals
Followers: 130,000
Instagram Adidas Originals
Brand Name: Nike
Followers: 394,000

Instagram Nike.png

Brand Name: Tiffany & Co.
Followers: 120,000
Instagram Tiffany & Co.
Brand Name: PepsiMAX
Followers: 6,364

Instagram PepsiMAX

Brand Name: Levi’s
Followers: 22,000
Instagram Levi's

Brand Name: Gucci
Followers: 141,000
Instagram Gucci

Brand Name: H&M
Followers: 152,000

Instagram HandM

Brand Name: KLM
Followers: 1,621

Instagram KLM