Friday, October 5, 2012

6:29 AM

When the time comes to produce apps for a business, then the foremost choices of the developers is Android application development. However, there are various businesses and users out there those who still believe that iPhone is the best choice in terms of application development but Android’s application development can also be a perfect option for the developers as well.

After the advent of Android Market, the applications have become very popular among the masses. Moreover, all the primary developers are still developing their own apps for gadgets powered by this operating system. But, Android applications are gaining immense popularity across the globe at a rapid pace. Above all, the latest Smart phones available in the market are designed with this operating system, thus the number of Android users is also increasing day by day.

Another interesting fact is that this operating system is an open source platform, thus the users and the developers get an opportunity to customize the applications according to their desire. Due to this amazing feature this operating system is gaining immense popularity among the masses, especially among the developers that can write software to their liking. It is also a perfect selection for companies because it is an open source platform. If a company opts for Android application development, then they will be able to enjoy various benefits and the staffs will also get an opportunity to customize it according to their liking.

The most important and interesting fact is that this operating system supports Flash as well. Though it is not perfect in displaying all the things accurately but users can expect a pretty good job from it. However, iPhone users will not be able to enjoy flash videos currently. So, if you are looking for Flash videos, then it is suggested that you should opt for Android operating system.

Moreover, along with Android you can even include Google Calendar and Gmail. If you use both these applications frequently, then it will be a best deal for you to go with this operating system. Users those who don’t use these applications frequently may not go with this operating system, but regular users will find it beneficial to go with this operating system as it allows them to access the desired applications.

Today all the upcoming mobile devices are utilizing this operating system and all the mobile device users prefer to use android’s applications. So, people those who are looking forward to develop an application should prefer to opt for Android Application Development because it helps the users to have an application that too on multiple platforms.

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