Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2:02 AM

Web Site Submission Service

Major Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gurus find search engine submission services to be a waste of time and an ugly type of service.

John Mueller took it a step up by saying using these services may hurt your positions.

I have read a thread in a Google Webmaster Help, John answered to a webmaster who was asking "bulk website submissions to search engines," and asked if it will have any effect on their positions.

John Mueller replied, yes, it nay, it may have a negative effect. Why? Mueller elaborated that it can provide you tremendous quantity of unnatural links for your site. As everybody know that, unnatural links are not effective for site/blog. Its gives you negative impact for your site. Despite the worries with negative SEO, this is the reality we live in these days.

You can use these services to negatively impact your rivals, presuming their link profile looks awful anyway?

Google John Mueller wrote:
These services are not needed and can even be counter-productive (if they create unnatural links for your site, which would be against our Webmaster Guidelines).