Sunday, October 14, 2012

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In the recent years, Pinterest has become a popular social networking site and this is one of the very few sites that provide a unique platform to share your content online. You can make use of Pinboards and bring your site and various other contents to limelight. All you need to do is pin the content to the Pinboards and your job is done. It comes as a no surprise to find that this site has emerged as a fun-filled place to share new contents. In addition to sharing you can also find new information here on Pinterest. The greatest benefit of pinning contents here is that you will be able to generate maximum traffic to your site. Here is a list of some of the Pinterest Analytic tools.

Pinterest Tools:

  1. Certain analytics are monitored by Pinterest for its customers but for those who are interested in a brief analysis of details, Pintics is a wonderful tool. With Pintics, several users will be able to point the most effective pins based on the traffic they generate. In addition to these criteria, users will be able to point those pins which provide the maximum number of sales and more. Along with this package, all the necessary tools will be provided to take care of your multiple accounts. Moreover, you will be assisted to upload your pins and to tag them. Such tools come handy for those people who take care of different campaigns at a time.
  2. For those who are not interested in Pintics, Pinerly is a good option which is going to launch an analytic tool. This tool is expected to hit the market in May and it is still in the developmental stage. An interesting fact is that even though it is yet to be released, there have been thousands of sign -ups for this tool already within a single week. This tool provides all the necessary tracking facilities which include number of referrals. Users will also be able to track certain pins. If you want to make use of Pinerly, you should upload the content through pin analytics tool and post it to Pinterest. This tool is extremely easy to use.
  3. Another Pin analytic tool is Pin Reach which you will be able to track the number of followers and pins. You can also make use of Pin Reach to compare and review the total scores of pins. Data will be displayed in a graphical form which makes it easier for users to understand.
  4. PinPuff is another analytic tool which bears some sort of resemblance with Pin Reach. You can calculate the value of different pins and also the traffic using PinPuff. Normally this will be measured based on the total number of followers, likes and several other factors. Scores will be allotted as well. In addition to this, the tool also provides access to the competitors’ analytics. You can easily sign up for this service or visit the website and enter your details to find out the score.
  5. One of the most interesting tools that help you track the activities of other users is Repinly. Using this tool, you will be able to know the details about the most high ranking pins and boards. It is easy to keep track of the best pins and you will also learn how to get access to your target audience. It is easy to gauge the quality of pins with this analytic tool and know which ones are popular and which ones are not.

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