Monday, October 8, 2012

8:26 AM

There are many PCs out there that are not built along with a webcam, most especially desktop computers and few Notebooks. Chatting is a viable part of socializing, most social networks had included chat in their platform whereby peeps, friends and families can get an instant message. A webcam sells around $40 - $80, if your PC is without a webcam, you will have to spare this much to get one to serve you.

However, if you have a Android device, you need not to embark on a savings to a webcam. Most Android devices is accompanied by a rear facing primary camera, and a front facing secondary camera, the primary camera usually has a larger resolution compare to the secondary camera, and both camera are enabled to do videos.

Either of the cameras can be engaged in the webcam service I am about revealing, but the front secondary camera will give you poor imaging because of the low resolution it is built. The choice is now yours to make.

This webcam improvising service will get your battery drained so well because your screen will remain active throughout the use process, that it why I will recommend that you Android phone should be on charger whiles you sit and enjoy your camera chat.

What you will need is a Wi-Fi connection sharing by both the PC and your Android device for you to be able to use this method. I have recently published an article on my mobile gadgets review blog about doing the same thing but if you would like to read, follow the steps as I shall be mentioning below.


You will need an IP Webcam application to be installed on your Android, also install a copy of IP Camera Adapter to your Windows, a Firefox or Chrome browser is also required, and internet explorer is not compatible with this set up. Follow up these steps

Step 1

Launch the IP Webcam installed on your Android and set the resolution quality, FPS and orientation, then scroll down to tap "Start Server".

Note: Set a username and password for security and privacy, the adapter will even prompt you to do this, and won't work if you ignore.

Step 2

An IP address will appear at the lower region on the Android in the Browser, Firefox or Chrome. Ensure that the port shown on the Android screen is included.

Step 3:

Select an option that is mostly preferred by you and that mostly suits your purpose, "Use browser built in viewer" is recommended.

Your video will instantly load on the Browser, in case it didn't, go and pick another option in the link.

Step 4:

Now launch the IP Camera Adapter previously installed on your Windows, after which you will be required to input needed information, like IP, port as well as Username and password.

Step 5:

Click the "Auto detect" near the 'resolution settings' and "Apply", now you will be required to restart the application you want to use with the Webcam, such as Skype.

You are all set, go on and do cameras chat with your Android device. With this short tutorial, if you can do it rightly as I have explained above, you should be able to install your new webcam easily without hassle. I have used the same process on my PC and it is working perfectly.