Monday, November 26, 2012

9:02 AM

Google Adwords Logo
Currently, Google is the biggest search engine and advertising company in the globe. Every day, it makes over $100 million in search advertising. It’s also getting 5.6 billion daily ad impressions by Google search and another 24.2 billion impressions from the advertising Network.

On the common day, it is also getting 237.9 million from Google ad clicks across search and the network. As all of you aware about marketing term Cash Cow, Adwords cash cow is solid than ever, according to survey from search marketing software provider WordStream.

One more crucial thing is about it, Google search advertising have a pretty more prominent conversion rate, at 5.63%, compared to 4.68% for Google Display Network advertisements. The average CPC is now $0.35, decline 18.2% from the quarter before.

There are many companies who invest capital more on Google Adwords. Some of them are as follows. Expedia, and and these companies are second spot on the list and these companies are belonging to travel industry.

Shopping industry is the third spot. The average Cost Per Click in shopping for companies like Amazon, eBay and JC Penney, is just $0.25 on Google Search and $0.27 across the display network.

Here you are also seeing the pretty spenders list Jobs & Education, Internet & Telecom, Computers & Electronics, Business & Industrial, Home & Garden, Autos & Vehicles, and Beauty & Fitness.

In below infographic show the top ten industries that have invested in online promotion and represent the majority of the ad revenue for Google in the 3rd quarter of 2012. As you see the first spot belong to financial products, which are investing the most “Cost Per Click” but have also a great number of conversions for purchases. I have mentioned the above paragraph; the second spot belong to tourism sector, which instead has the least favorable conversion rate.

Google Earning $100 million per day