Friday, November 23, 2012

1:46 PM

Searching For Your Dream Hotel? Google Focusing Google Hotel Finder Tool 
Google Hotel Finder

Hotel industry is pretty large and not to easy find out proper hotels but when I start to find hotels through Google, suddenly I shocked but I feel that it’s maybe Google bug. Today, I challenge you to find out a hotel in Google search engine. Try exploring for hotels like [hotels new york] or [seattle hotels]. Why I am searching this hotels in Google because my friends want to go out of country that’s why I am searching hotels but I dare you to not search a Google Hotel Finder Tool. Google had launched this tool since last year. I hope all of you know that this tool. I have seen that Google hotel finder in “sponsored" listing right below the Google ads and right above the Google organic search outcomes.

Now, I am showing some screen shot which I found on Google search engine. Remember you can click on the picture to magnify..

Hotels New York Google Sponsored Ad
Hotels Seattle Google Sponsored Ad

When I found these things, then I think that maybe it’s my imagination then I enter in WebmasterWorld thread. Over there various SEOs and Webmasters are not in jolly mood. Naturally, those who are belong to Hotel business, they are going in loses. But some seekers are not happy also because they can’t find proper search results.

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Tedster said

At this time I am 100% agree, my friend and family members can’t book a hotel room with Google. But I can see that varying, If Google keeps forcing it.