Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6:19 AM

Google Panda Logo

If u weren't sleeping throughout the last year, then you should know that, you undoubtedly understand the Google Panda Algorithm Update which was beginning released at the starting of 2011 is projected to penalize websites with low quality content while honoring websites with quality content. Since the initial issue of this Google Algorithm update, there have been various “updates to the update” that are project to tweak the way the unique update performs.

Sounds puzzling? The necessity fact to keep in mind here is that since are developing good, quality content, your website should not bear any wrong effects from Panda.

I have added infographic from given an elaborated timeline of Google Panda update to the firm’s search algorithm. Furthermore the infographic offers few advice on how to assist your website stay in Google’s good adorns with particular act you can take on your website. The advice may seem to be simple, but if you wonder that you have been infected by Panda in negative way, it might be time to take a tough view at these stuffs and see if there might be few directions you can better your site.

Google Panda Update Infographic