Monday, November 19, 2012

8:20 AM

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An eighteen month ago, the head of web spam, Google Matt Cutts of Google released a video name Can shifting to HTTPS harm ranking?

In that video he explicates that technically shifting from http to https for your URLs should theoretically be fine but not several websites have don’t it. So if you program on making the shift to HTTPS, then make sure to try it tardily on littler websites.

Google the head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts addressed the question once again on Hacker News in reply to Facebook shifting to HTTPS by default.

Facebook https url bar instances

Now he is more for sites going HTTPS with less of a concern about how Google may index and ran the website.

Matt Cutt said, “at this dot I’d say feel free to go HTTPS.”

He does offer some caution telling:

As always, I'd test it out first, ideally with a lower-traffic domain name. But if you like the results you get, you should be able to use our existing tools like 301s and rel=canonical to help Google discover that the site has gone HTTPS.
Here is the video from eighteen months: