Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1:11 PM

Common SEO Questions

Today, I am sharing you seven International SEO common questions, which everyone are asking and seven tools to answers them for their questions.

1- In Which Country Is This Site hosted?

This question is very simple and easy, if you want to know that in which country is this website hosted? You can use Firefox Add on and Google Chrome extension.
  1. The Flagfox extension for Firefox.
  2. Flag for Chrome
Geographic Tool

2- What Terms Are Used In Which Country?

Sometime we are facing some search term problem and it’s not clear which term is most used where. This can be confirmed by using Google Trends and now Google trend have been improved. You can easily look at the volume and using trend of search terms per country.

For instance, the terms “SEO” and “SEO Pakistan” in the Pakistan:

keyword Trend Country

3- Which Are The Top Countries That Refer Me More Organic Traffic?

First you need to sign in your Google Analytics account then go to Go to “Audience >> Demographic >> Location and select the non-paid search traffic.

For example:

Google Analytics Location Country

4- In Which Countries Do I Have A Better Organic Search Visibility?

When you access your Google Analytics account then you need to go the “Traffic Sources >> Search Engine Optimization >> Geographical Summary” report and confirm the countries that are receiving more outcomes in search engines.

Top Referring non-paid Traffic Country

5- How The Search Engine Results Look From Another Location?

I am not in favor to use a proxy tool or IP to connect and check your search engine results but here I just share you tool, such as Netshade for Mac OS X and then you easily verify how search engines results pages are shown for particular country.

Netshade location Tool

6- How Is The International Competition?

There are various tools which you use for checking competition but some tools are great like SEMRush and SEOmoz. They easily discover the competition of a keyword or site in a particular territory.

SEMRush Analytics

7- How Can I Check My International Rankings?

The core problem is keywords ranking but now the problem is gone when you use SEscout and Authority Labs. You simply forget tension to check the several organic search engines position. These tools are totally support international markets.


Have you wanted to ask any others International SEO questions? And how do you usually sort it out?