Thursday, November 22, 2012

12:53 PM

SEO Future
Here we are back…. the long time old argue about the scope of search engine optimization (SEO) grip various newbie’s and rookies in the field of Search Engine Optimization or Digital Marketing. It’s been 3yrs, when I got in this field, and I had been reading some “SEO is Dead” articles and interviewing my decision of choosing it as a professional career.

After spending some years in the profession and getting knowledge with the center of this field, I know that SEO is here to remain. It is a hard being that endure no matter what varies are taking place in the Globe of search, exclude that after a couple of long time it takes a entirely new shape.

Here’s why I wonder that the extremely moral force profession of Search Engine Optimization will be alive and kicking, even after a hundreds tweaks and updates made by search engines.

Why Future Of SEO Is More Smashing: 
  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is getting more and more difficult day by day. There are one or two factors which we are using (having backlinks in masses with the correct anchor text was enough to get you on first in most cases), but now there are thousands of position factors. And you need devoted peoples and professional to watch after your website, from both on-site and off-site views, which mean that the firms will have to educate or take experienced SEO professionals on board.
  2. As all of you know that internet is the only source to get the attention of real world businesses. There are thousands and thousands of businesses that will be looking to leap the bandwagon by introduction a website in the arriving days. It will outcome in more competition, and finally, in more demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Digital Marketing professionals.
  3. Daily, hundreds and thousands of fresh websites are being introduced. Reality that anyone can learn the introductory part of Search Engine Optimization, but most of these websites or business owner need someone to look after the SEO side , which is inherent part for the success of any online start-up.
  4. If anyone want to survive in the extremely competition, business will have to spend more on online advertising like (PPC, Banner Advertising etc.) and they’d like to have some completely professionals in charge of their hard earned money in place of letting some amateur waste their money left, right, and center.
  5. I have seen that various big brands and giant companies are also beginning to take interest in Internet and Social Media. They know the gains of having a skilled professional over a part-timer, which means companies and big brands to spend on employing SEO professional guys who are on lead of their game.
  6. Nowadays, SEO field is getting stronger and stronger day by day, and it is just beginning to get the hang of things. In my opinion SEO is not a child play game but with the passage of time, it is getting more and more technical, and we are having more devoted and specialized professionals.

Search Engine Optimization is not dead and it will never be lifeless. However in future, structure of SEO will modify. The way I see now, Google never wiped out SEO, Google just made it more complex and tough. How many of you believe that in SEO will be one of core factor for a website victory in future along with other non SEO position factors?

Why SEO Will Never Die:

SEO - Dead or Alive