Sunday, December 2, 2012

1:01 AM

Last Weekend, Microsoft Bing released Press Release that it has added over 121 TB of satellite and Global Ortho imagery to Bing Maps and the Windows 8 Maps app. In this new update map they are offering over 15 million square kilometers of fresh data largely covering South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, although there is little extra imagery in North America and Australia.

Hurricane Sandy map
Total coverage of new Satellite imagery currently live on Bing Maps! Visit Bing Maps World Tour App to view full coverage.
Microsoft is highlighting some areas. 

Laguna Chacaico, Argentina

Bing Maps Argentina

Republic of the Congo

Bing Maps Congo

Ambohipaky, Madagascar

Bing Maps Madagascar
Coco, Costa Rica

Bing Maps Coco, Costa Rica

Our latest release of Global Ortho imagery contains 69 blocks and covers over 800,000 sq km. In total, we have issued 10,777,300 square kilometers covering 100% of the U.S and 83% of Western Europe! The Global Ortho project is nearing closing with only 4% left to be released.
Israel,Iraq,Zhanabet, Kazakhstan,Atlas Mountains, Algeria
Global Ortho Coverage Blog
Passau, Germany, North of Pl├ęboulle, France, Foz, Spain,Zurich, Switzerland

Windows Desktop Themes 

It has refreshed its Europe and U.S. desktop themes. Now you are seeing over 200 pictures for the U.S.A and 175 for Europe, compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Windows Desktop Themes

The firm also lately published a Hurricane Sandy Maps app.