Wednesday, December 26, 2012

11:51 AM

Is Google Fooled? vs 

Adult Domain Name
When you think to start your online business so kindly take care about your domain name because when selecting a domain name for your online business, do you think that either you select correct name or not? Or have you stay away from those domain names which might be read in an adult way?

For instance, a famous site may be comprehended to read in a unlike way, such as

When I searched out domain name solution then I have seen one webmaster asked a similar question which I wanted to ask. That guy want to purchase domain named but that domain might be read as so that guy confused on that name then he asked would that have a negative impact on the domain ranking? Or Google consider that name as an adult domain name?

The reply is No

Matt Cutt also replied in a Google Webmaster Help thread:

I am wondering that Google use more factors for judge that either this domain is adult or not.