Sunday, December 30, 2012

2:48 AM

Panda & Penguin Tool

I have written almost dozen and dozen posts on Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm and all of you like it. Which Google started pushing out from last year and now both Google algorithms are danger for entire SEO community. As all of you have seen the fluctuation when these two algorithms came in Google search engine. Panda and Penguin algorithm update changed the mood of SEO and now SEO is getting more social than just making backlinks. Anyhow, we are not discuss about Post panda SEO strategy here, but this time we watch into a handy Panda and Penguin checker tool because if you know the tool then you easily understand and determine which Google algorithm update hit our site and blog.

If you have observed a traffic decrease or increase in your Google analytics or other statistic program, you are to be injury by any of these Google Algorithm and its fresh updates, which is always update by Google. When you see some injury in you site then you needs to determine which algorithm hit your site and blog. I hope you know that since Google Panda and Penguin algorithm work differently from each other.

  1. If you want to talk about Panda then Panda hit commonly occurs due to low or duplicate content, poor SEO structure and other SEO factors, which you can read about in my earlier post on road to recovery panda site.
  2. Penguin simple to read and judge because its hit usually occurs due to low quality backlinks and spamming liking in both ways either its internal or external.
When you identity which algo caused penalty to your site, it will be simple to take positive steps and ride of Google penalty,

Google Penguin Tool : How You Check Your Site For Panda And Penguin Penalty ?

I have been wondering about such plugins or tool as its simple to create a Google Panda and Penguin penalty checker tool. You just need to do, first make your traffic plan and matches it with Algo updates date and examine, when site traffic decreased and increased. Penguin tool does the similar thing but you have a Google analytic account for this experiment. This technique is very simple and easy to use online tool but now how you can do it? You just give access to your Google analytic account; select the account profile and site for which you wish to check for Google Panda and penguin penalty and it will provide you site timeline of traffic and you can examine basing on traffic ups and downs.

Penguintool site statistics

This tool is good for analysis your site but the problem is by default it show you the weekly graph, and once you identity the traffic decrease and increase from particular algo, I suggested you to set date (14-15) days around the algo update and change the timeline to weekly. This direction you can clearly identify if the traffic drop or increase occurs because of Google penalty or maybe other reasons such as no update or holidays etc. Special thanks to Baracuda digital for developing this Penguin & panda checker tool.

I know there are plenty software available over internet which you should keep handy. There is another tool which uses to determine traffic drop or increase that is Google analytics JS traffic checker, which will let you examine stats of any page of your site and blog with single click.

Although it would be good if they add an choice about to get notification for any changes in traffic after Google Panda or Penguin update and I am 100% sure that several users might not mind paying for such Email notification. Google update Panda and Penguin is in every month, it’s always a great concept to keep an eye on any traffic change after Google algo update.

I have checked the Penguintool here and I love it. You can also check out Penguintool here and let me know how it’s useful and helpful tool for your site. Also, if you like this post so then you share with your friend and others. One more important thing is to share this handy tool with others.

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